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Zodiac Festival in Brighton

The Ford Mk 1 Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac owners club website, covering all aspects of the Mk1 Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac classic cars. A saloon tested by The Motor magazine in 1951 had a top speed of 79.8 mph (128.4 km/h) and could accelerate from 0-60 mph (97 km/h) in 20.2 seconds. A fuel consumption of 23.7 miles per imperial gallon. Of all of the UK's forces, it was Lancashire that was the most associated with the Zephyr Mk III. It was one of the comparatively few constabularies to use the under-powered Zephyr 4 -- indeed, when Unit Beat cars were launched in 1965, Lancashire repainted some of its black CID Zephyr 4s in the two-tone "Panda" finish -- but it was thanks to BBC TV that the Zephyr 6 Mk III became indelibly associated with North Country policing. Ironically, although the cars used in the original 1962 series of Z-Cars were authentic Lancashire-police Zephyr Mk IIs, a falling out between the BBC and the chief constable , meant that the 1963-1965 seasons used Ford PR Fleet Mk III Zephyr 6s.

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