Video - XR3 Ford Escort - Home Made Top Gear

Videa Ford Escort XR3 Ford Escort - Home Made Top Gear

XR3 Ford Escort - Home Made Top Gear

A home made Top Gear style movie about the Ford Escort XR3. Featuring my two cars LYP & YNO. Designed to bring back memories for those that had one (or those that didn't), with shots all around the cars. I hope you like it. May the Ford be with you. Filmed in Romford, at the Cardrome, and Bretons Farm. Music is from The Mummy, plus tracks called The Kraken, Drive, Real Wild Child, and The Chief. I am an IAC member 14136 and have music copyright clearance licence number MCPS 5965, BPI licence 6271, PPL licence 6271 for music.

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