Video - What's in Autogeek's Garage - Episode 11 - Season 2

Videa Ford Coupé What's in Autogeek's Garage - Episode 11 - Season 2

What's in Autogeek's Garage - Episode 11 - Season 2

Mike Phillips hosts episode 12 of "What's in Autogeek's Garage" with Bruno Massel and Matt Steel. First up on this show is Mike's friend Lance Cedilla and his 1941 Willys Coupe with a blown big block Chevy engine. Mike demonstrates how to "put a little passion behind the pad" as he removes an isolated scratch out of the roof on an otherwise flawless show car finish. Next up Mike and Bruno check out Mike Gelter's 1949 Chevrolet Carryall. Mike shows the owner, Mike Gelter how to remove swirls left by the sanding and buffing process. MIke actually used this truck in one of his Detailing Classes to teach the students in his class how to remove swirls and create a swirl-free show car finish. Next up, Mike and Matt check out Mike Myer's 1951 Studebaker Champion. Mike also held a class where they completely buffed this car out and removed all the swirls and scratches and created a flawless show car finish at the Autogeek's Show Car Garage. And last but not least is John Dunham's 1997 Miata with a Ford 5.0 engine., Mike Phillips, Flex 3401, Diminishing Abrasives, 1941 Willys Coupe, Detailing Classes, 1949 Chevrolet Carryall, Menzerna Polishes, Menzerna videos, How to remove swirls, Show Car Detailing, Bruno Massel, Truck U, Speed Channel, Meguiar's How



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