Video - Updated full tour of my 1995 Ford Probe GT

Videa Ford Probe Updated full tour of my 1995 Ford Probe GT

Updated full tour of my 1995 Ford Probe GT

READ DESCRIPTION BELOW please like the vid and comment! The tan interior I put in is almost done. Need to find my tan door handles and get some tan window cranks and locks and then its complete. I take tip top care of my Probe as you can see. Its my pride and joy and my baby. IMO i have one of the cleanest modded Probes out there. Its just cosmetic mods for now. The Alpine head unit and the Trooper shift knob blend in so well with the interior that it looks stock. Modifications: 3" straight pipe from the rear axle chrome swirlies (from my old 96 Probe GT) leather seats (driver seat and rear seat from my old 96 Probe GT, passenger seat from a 97 Probe GT) Mazda MX6 LS valve cover retro shift knob (from a 86 Trooper) graphic equalizer (from my old 94 Probe GT) headlight retract button (from a 93 Probe GT) tan door panels (from a 96 Probe SE) tan rear panels (from my old 96 Probe GT) tail lights (from my old 97 Probe GT) Hella H4 headlights made in Germany fog lights (from my old 93 Probe GT) black hood (from my old 95 Probe GT) ENGINE MODS COMING SOON

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