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Videa Ford EcoSport Upcoming cars 2013: Our Top 5 Pick

Upcoming cars 2013: Our Top 5 Pick

What cars are upcoming for the year 2013? We pick our top 5, and in case you haven't clicked the play button, why don't you make your guesses?? Nissan Duster- Nissan's all set to take Duster from Renault's cart and Reanult shall willingly return the favour!! Ford Ecosport- The sub 4 meter SUV gets to hit the sweet spot in the Indian market. Beautiful SUV, expected to be priced really competitively!! Mercedes A Class- Merc A Class comes with a promise of turning around Merc's fate and take it right through the top. Mahindra E2o- The electric vehicle from Mahindra. Designed by DC, M&M plans to tick all the tick boxes this time around!! Honda Amaze- Can the Amaze deliver as Honda's FIRST diesel offering in the world??



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