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The World's Biggest Pickup Trucks

This video is a tribute to the pickup trucks that push the limits. Every one shown here is an absolute beast, with huge statures, engines, and towing capacities. This video is NOT meant to be biased toward any particular company, so don't even try to flame me about that. I did not include Dodge because Dodge does not currently build a pickup truck that competes in the classes shown here. Also, all stated information is based on MAXIMUM specs, I realize there are other optional engines, transmissions, and many other features. But we only want the biggest, strongest, and toughest...right? Thank you to those of you whose video clips I used, and I'm sorry I did not ask permission. If you don't want your clip in my video, then just message me, and we'll work something out. Anyway, please COMMENT MATURELY, and I hope you guys enjoy.

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