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The Story of Old Gray, 1979 Ford F-150

As requested by CurtisMundy and 79fordblake, here is the story and history behind my Gray 79 Ford truck, theres not a whole lot to tell, but I guess its worth telling as alot have asked countless questions about it. To me it was a great fun truck, I first drove it when I was 14, my brother had purchased it to pull his first race car, a Hot Stock 70s Camaro. He paid 800 bucks for her and gave her the name of "The Old Gray Mare, I chose to keep that name after I became the owner when I turned 17. He didnt want to give me the truck, but I had fell in love this old Ford, I had a real bond with it and I thought we were meant for each other. Well, that began to escape me as I grew older and soon realised what a pos truck it was, it needed lots of work, but when I was younger and didnt know things about engines I loved it, but after I learned how to work on motors and understood cars, I soon realised it was a big pile of junk. Now don't get me wrong, I still love this truck, but the strong attachment I had with it as a younger person is no longer there, I have since moved on and forgetten about this old truck. I know thats probably not what most of you wanted to hear, but I am sorry, this truck is a big mess, she needs total restoration, lots of new or replacement parts, tons of money I DO NOT HAVE NO SHE IS NOT FOR SALE NOR WILL BE, I stilll need her for parts for the green ford truck, and may actually fix her someday.

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