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This video is about a device that was used during the time of the Model T Ford (1909-1927) to test the ignition coils for the car. The Model T Ford was, by today's standards, a very primitive car. The engine had four cylinders and put out somewhere in the neighborhood of 22 horsepower. The ignition system used four high tension trembler or "buzz" coils for ignition, one per cylinder. The coils operated off of either battery or the built-in magneto in the engine. The Model T magneto was unique in that the flywheel had sixteen permanent magnets mounted on it' that faced a ring of coils that were mounted on the back of the engine. The whole works ran in the engine's lubricating oil. The coils were a little temperamental and Model T service shops sometimes had a device to test and adjust the coils for best operation. This video shows one of the makes of Model T Ford coil testers, this one made by Allen Electric Co. in Detroit, Michigan. Please note that my site is now

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