Video - Test Drive the 1974 Ford Capri V8!

Videa Ford Capri Test Drive the 1974 Ford Capri V8!

Test Drive the 1974 Ford Capri V8!

Hi! This is Agent 8771's 1974 Ford Capri, featuring a high-output 302 V8 and Borg-Warner T5 transmission hooked to a Ford 9 inch positraction rear. This car originally had the wheezy Pinto 2000 cc engine and 4 speed trans, so it is much better now. A nice, original, rust-free unit brought up from the States to save it from the idiotic "cash for clunkers" stupidity. Sweet vintage aluminum slot mags, nerf bars, and diamont-tuft package tray finish this Capri off in classic 70's style! Hope you like it as much as I do!

Ford, Capri, 1970s, 1974, 5.0, V8, 302, T5, Posi, burnout, donuts, slot, mags, classic, revs, cold, war, motors



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