Video - Test Drive 2007 Ford Shelby Cobra GT500

Videa Ford Shelby Test Drive 2007 Ford Shelby Cobra GT500

Test Drive 2007 Ford Shelby Cobra GT500

About the 2007 Ford Shelby Cobra GT500: Vehicle Type Model Year: 2007 Make: Ford Model: Mustang Style GT500 Base Price: $39000 (est.) Drive Type: RWD Transmission Type: T-56 6-speed manual Displacement (liters): 5.4 Engine Type: Supercharged V8 Bore x Stroke: 3.552 x 4.165 inches / 90.22 x 105.8 mm Valvetrain: DOHC, four valves per cylinder Induction: Cast aluminum screw-type supercharger with air-to-water intercooler Horsepower: 450+ Torque: 450+ Braking System: Front: Brembo 14-inch cross-drilled disc w/ four-piston calipers; Rear: Brembo 13-inch cross-drilled disc w/ two-piston calipers Steering System: Power rack and pinion Body Construction: Unitized welded steel body; aluminum hood Suspension Type (front): Reverse-L independent MacPherson strut, 34-mm tubular stabilizer bar Suspension Type (rear): Three-link solid axle with coil springs, Panhard rod, 24-mm solid stabilizer bar. Tire Size: P255/45ZR19 Wheel Size: 19x9.5 in. machined aluminum Curb Weight (lbs): 3600 (est.) Recommended Fuel: Premimum Unleaded

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