Video - Test Drive: 2000 Ford Crown Victoria

Videa Ford Crown Victoria Test Drive: 2000 Ford Crown Victoria

Test Drive: 2000 Ford Crown Victoria

Full test drive of the 2000 Ford crown victoria by many requests. I take it on various road surfaces and different camera perspectives to show how the car drives during most common driving styles. purpose of the video is to check the car our more in depth, see that everything is working fine and what not. Enjoy! Some stats! Acceleration (0-60 mph): 9.2 sec.Braking Distance (60-0 mph): 136 ft. Road Holding Index: .79 gBase Number of Cylinders: 8 Base Engine Size: 4.6 litersBase Engine Type: V8 Horsepower: 200 hpMax Horsepower: 4250 rpm Torque: 275 ft-lbs.Max Torque: 3000 rpm Drive Type: RWDTurning Circle: 40.3 ft.

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