Video - Tamiya TT01 TT-01 FORD RS200 Rally ( Stills )

Videa Ford RS200 Tamiya TT01 TT-01 FORD RS200 Rally ( Stills )

Tamiya TT01 TT-01 FORD RS200 Rally ( Stills )

Hello everyone. Here is the latest bodyshell I have just finished painting. As you all will see it is the Ledgendary Ford RS200. You can see that there are pictures of both the Light pod mounted and not. Kit comes with the light pod. This bodyshell is new on the market and is fantastic. The bodyshell is available form in the UK. They are also working on more retro bodyshells that will be available soon. Realy looking forward to buying more of there bodyshell in the futrure. Please be sure to check out there web site. If you also buy or make enquires from them please tell them you had seen my video. Thanks for watching.

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