Video - Superlift 4.5" Lift System for the '05 and Newer Ford F-150

Videa Ford TRUCK F - Superlift 4.5" Lift System for the '05 and Newer Ford F-150

Superlift 4.5" Lift System for the '05 and Newer Ford F-150

Superlift's FIT series lift system is the choice for Ford truck owners that will not compromise. Our design concept involves relocating (lowering) the front differential, lower control arms and the factory coilovers - the truck's uppper control arms remain in their factory location. New cast iron steering knuckles span the increased distance between the upper / lower control arms. New Coilover Towers and Steering Knuckles - New towers, also constructed of .25" plate steel, relocate the factory coilover shocks. This method maintains stock ride quality and greatly simplifies installation. Superlift's new cast ductile iron steering knuckles correct all steering related geometry without increasing vehicle track width or relocating the rack and pinion steering system. Plus, the lift system also includes all necessary alignment hardware. As you've come to expect from Superlift, all of the critical factors from CV axle angles to suspension travel control are properly addressed nothing is left unattended. In addition to the new coilover towers, we also replace the stock shock body with a monotube gas pressured 2" shock. The the shock body features a durable zinc plated body and are a true performance enhancer. Rear lift is via 4"; add-a-leafs that are specifically designed to combat spring / axle wrap-up while keeping the truck's good ride characteristics intact and spring spacer pads provide the extra lift needed to maintain a nice level stance.

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