Video - Supercars in Paris - VOL.11

Videa Ford GT Supercars in Paris - VOL.11

Supercars in Paris - VOL.11

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Supercars in Paris. VOL.11

This little video features some supercars cruising in the streets of Paris. In order of appearance: two Audi R8 V8 (one black, one white) a ROUSH Ford GT 600RE, a dark blue Mercedes SLR roadster a black Ferrari 570M, and last but not least, a red Ferrari 430 with black rims!! I know this one isn't the best Volume out, but I've made it so long ago... that I had to post it to keep posting my other volumes! :P

Which one's your favorite? ;)


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Hope you enjoy!

More Supercars in Paris is coming! ;)

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