Video - Strange Bird 62 Ford falcon Gasser by Chuckles Garage Shakedown #2

Videa Ford Falcon Strange Bird 62 Ford falcon Gasser by Chuckles Garage Shakedown #2

Strange Bird 62 Ford falcon Gasser by Chuckles Garage Shakedown #2

This Is the Chuckles Garage "Strange Bird" 1962 Ford Falcon Futura A/GS drag car. The car is powered by a Littlefield Supercharged 401 Buick Nailhead that was originally in a 1960's drag boat. The motor sports a custom blower manifold made here at the shop, custom pistons, custom rods, wild Comp cam, Comp lifters, custom valve springs, custom hi-flow valves, mild port work, custom pushrods, custom headers made in-house,vintage Weiand valve covers, dual Buick Wildcat Rochester 4 Jets that were modified for use with the blower with custom non-progressive linkage, Nicson front cover/engine mount, custom motor plate, custom oil pan, and its backed by a built switch pitch ST400 transmission that has TH400 internals, custom Art Carr convertor, and a Coan Racing transbrake . Front suspension is a Speedway straight axle kit with custom made two position shackles, and custom panhard bar. Rear suspension is stock leaf springs with custom 66" long heavy wall ladder bars. Rear axle is a Lincoln Versailles unit with 3.89 gears and a Richmond Spool. Tires are Hurst Racing Super Cushions in the front, and Hurst 30x10 Piecrust slicks in the back. Wheels are Vintage American Racing Magnesium spindle mounts up front (no front brakes) and vintage Shelby Cal 500's out back. Seats are set back almost to the rear seat. Gauges are a Sun Super tach, and vintage Stewart Warner oil, temp, amp. This is a period exhibition car, so it will not conform to current NHRA spec. The car is being built to ...

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