Video - ST Sound Track -- Focus ST vs. Killa Kela

Videa Ford Focus ST Sound Track -- Focus ST vs. Killa Kela

ST Sound Track -- Focus ST vs. Killa Kela

Beatboxer Killa Kela performs exclusively with 2013 Ford Focus ST -- fusing his "multivocalism" skills with EcoBoost engine's Active Sound Symposer, creating a soundtrack of power and performance. 2.0L EcoBoost engine delivers all the power of a 2.6L engine, without any lag, when you put your foot down. In fact this SMALLER more efficient engine has 10% more power than the previous 5 cylinder engine in the outgoing Focus ST with 20% reduced CO2 emissions. ST fans might bemoan the loss of the sound of the outgoing engine, but Ford engineers have developed the Active Sound Symposer -- a piece of technology taken from the Mustang muscle car and upgraded for the ST -- it effectively amplifies the best sounds from the engine, especially for the enthusiast's ear.



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