Video - Sommertreff 2012 H

Videa Ford Taunus Sommertreff 2012 H

Sommertreff 2012 H

This is a video I recorded at Arctic Circle Raceway Saturday August 25th, 2012. It features my personal best laptime, and some of my better driving ever on this track. The driving in this video was done with a passenger, Kristoffer the camera man :) Hey dude, I hope you are watching this!! The car is an old 1975 Ford Taunus L with a 2l efi Ford OHC engine, 115hp stock with a 5 speed T9 gearbox and a 3:44 Atlas rear end with 9" drums. The suspension has had little mods except for polyeurethane bushings from powerflex, 40mm lowering springs that may or may not have been altered height-wise, and Red Koni Adjustable Oil shock absorbers and ATE calipers and Capri 2.8i brake disks. It is running 9x16" ET32 Borbet BS Design wheels with 225/45ZR16 Dunlop SP9000 front and rear. Since I don't have enough horsepower or a lsd I just chase laptimes because it is a lot of fun. I drove the car full of tent, luggage, two extra tyres, jack, tools and two passengers 380km's south to the trackday weekend and it did 30 mpg's/0.8l per 10km's each way. This friday was the first time on ACR since 2007 when the car was set aside for an extensive restoration with a lot of rust welding to be done. This video does not show my best driving as there was a lot of accidents on the track, and a lot of drifters I had to look out for. But some of the drift-cars made for some nice drifting footage :) I also had a lot of fun chasing that Audi ABT around the track :) The movie is shot with a Gopro Hero HD ...



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