Video - Shelby ford cobra --427 cu. in. v8 1965 bri

Videa Ford Shelby Shelby ford cobra --427 cu. in. v8 1965 bri

Shelby ford cobra --427 cu. in. v8 1965 bri

In the 60's Carroll Shelby Racing Team was the team to beat. These cars were the fastest on the road. This particular car is a BRI (Butler Racing Inc.) Ron Butler knows these cars inside and out, being part of the Shelby team himself during the 60's. Engine is a 1964 Ford 427 FE R-code which is set back about 10 inches further in the frame than the originals. The transmission is a Tremec TKO 5-speed. The rear end is a narrowed IRS Jag 3.54 gears with oversized axles. All this gives the car its extreme performance, its fast and well balanced. Sorry not for sale

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