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SFPD Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors

2004 and 2005 Crown Victoria P71s marked as current day San Francisco Police Department vehicles. Each vehicle has the Federal Signal SmartSiren SS2000 system which is easily expandable to run additional lights and accessories while leaving just the small footprint of the remote control head on the dashboard. Whelen 9000 lightbar has been modified to use camera-friendly Whelen LEDs in place of the old strobe package, and each also has a fully operational rear-facing Whelen Traffic Adviser. Every electrical connection is soldered and shrink tubed so the emergency equipment is ready to work when the cameras roll, so you won't have to worry about spending hours tracking down some offshore butt connector which has failed inside some 3" thick wiring conduit. We have over 20 late model Crown Victoria police cars in black & white, vinyl-ready plain white, or a variety of colours for sheriff's vehicles or unmarked units/ ghost cars. Several lightbar styles are available, and custom vinyl or generic door decals are also available as per the needs of your specific production. We can either supply ready-to-work generic cars, or make them up to your specs in terms of colours, graphics and lighting packages from the ground up. Just give us a call at 604.856.8072 or visit us on the web at

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