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Saudi Arabia: Vintage Car Museum

A vintage car exhibition was showcased in Jeddah shopping malls under the banner of Classic Car Carnival, featuring more than 40 cars, whose designs captivated the audiences. Alongside the exhibition, a contest was held to find the best, rarest and oldest car. Most of the cars were manufactured between 1926 and 1980. Despite the age of these cars, their prices sometimes exceed that of the latest of automobiles. When you wander in one of Jeddah's malls, it looks like you're on the set of a black and white movie -- except that everything is set in dazzling colors and designs. Said Assiri, President of the Organizing Committee said, "The organizing committee listed three prizes for the oldest, rarest and best cars. The prize is a one-week visit to the car manufacturer's country to learn how their cars are manufactured". Ali Sherif, a winner of the oldest and best car awards said, "The festival encompassed more than 40 vintage cars in various designs and colors, however, a 1930 "Rolls Royce" that once belonged to King Edward V, was excluded from receiving any award because it did not comply with the Gulf specifications". Abdallah Hafny, winner of the rarest car said,"Three cars won the awards; the oldest car award went to a Ford T that dates back to 1926. The rarest car award went to a 1960 Cadillac, and the best car award to a 1979 Mercedes that wasn't driven for more than 7500 kilometers". The 40 cars impressed the visitors so much that they crossed restricted areas just to ...

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