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RS 200 Demonstration

The Ford RS 200 was an all-wheel drive car built specifically for rallying in the Group B category, and with it, Ford aimed to beat Audi's Quattro and once more become the dominant force in rallying they had been with the Escort. The new car had a fibreglass body, built by Reliant, and it was powered by a turbocharged 1.8 litre engine built by Cosworth, that generated in excess of 400 bhp in race trim. It never had chance to gain the laurels it was aimed for, however, as in 1986, the FIA abolished Group B rally cars, owing the danger they posed both to spectators and competitors. This film shows an early example in the hands of Swedish rally ace Bjorn Waldegard, being put through its paces on a disused airfield for the benefit of the cameras.

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