Video - ROR Crashes 2

Videa Ford Falcon ROR Crashes 2

ROR Crashes 2

This is me crashing some cars in ROR. This is the continuation of ROR Crashes. (Look for shrion2015 on the servers with defined terrains! Make sure to check out the rest of the ROR Crashes series: ROR Crashes: ROR Crashes 2: ROR Crashes 3: ROR Crashes 4: ROR Crashes 5: Vehicles Used: Burnside Bad Wagon Garvil Zeta R HondaAccordRallaye, CheySilverado3500 HD, Garvil Zeta LWB, Metro D Improved, Mitsubushi L200, Chevy S10 Offroad, Garvil G2 S, Funny Car DHL, Burnside Race, Garvil G2 X, Garvil, Bandit Offroad, 1949 Ford Fordor, Chevy S10 Shortbed, Garvil Zeta Crawler, Honda Accord MR, Garvil Bandit Extreme, Garvil Omega 12, Starbus Concept, 1973 Ford Falcon Custom, Burnside Bad Wagon, Mercedes Unimog 406 Four Door, Burnside Wagon, Garvil G2 R, Burnside Police, and Garvil Omega 10. Software Used: Rigs of Rods Simulator FRAPS Windows Live Movie Maker Song: Moltey Cue Kickstart My Heart, Cohed and Cambria Welcome Home



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