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Review: 2006 Ford Explorer

Go to MYRIDE.COM for more car videos. The Ford Explorer debuted way back in 1991 and has successfully surfed the SUV wave ever since. Consumers have continually been drawn to its balanced offerings of comfort, utility, space and capability, and the same should hold true for 2006. At first glance, the upgrades this year don't seem overly dramatic. The Explorer still looks like an Explorer, still seats five to seven people, still has V6 or V8 power (you were expecting a V12?) and still motors about with two- or four-wheel drive. And it still has some low-rent interior plastics, too. But the improvements to the ride quality are welcome, as are the new safety features. The Explorer has been the best-selling SUV for 15 straight years, and we foresee no reason why it shouldn't be 16 for 2006.

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