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Videa Ford T Revell Custom Model Car Ford T-Coupe

Revell Custom Model Car Ford T-Coupe

This 1/8 scale model was custom built by me starting with the T-Bucket Roadster Kit by Revell. The chassis was modified with a "kick-up" front and rear using brass square tubing. Body was then fabricated into a slant forward coupe by adding and shaping Styrene plastic to the sides. Many,many custom pieces where also fabricated from scratch , such as alluminum fan blade,alternator bracket and interior pieces.The top lifts by incorperating a hidden servo and linkage. Custom tailights and housings with led bulbs. Small block turns utilizing the supplied 1.5 v motor from another old kit.. All operated from a plug-in remote control. Heavy metal flake added to blue metallic paint and clear coated. Untold hours went into this build and a bunch of other modifications and fabs not mentioned here. I really enjoy this hobby and I hope you enjoy this video. Be sure to check out my other videos or Channel for other awesome Plastic models that I have recently posted. Thanks,Gary

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