Video - Racing Zephyr 6 @ Lakeside Raceway

Videa Ford Zephyr Racing Zephyr 6 @ Lakeside Raceway

Racing Zephyr 6 @ Lakeside Raceway

Mk II Zephyr 6 racing at Historic Lakeside Raceway in QLD Australia. With a Raymond Mays head and Overdrive gearbox the Mk II was put in a Modified class and up against much more powerful muscle cars along with much smaller cars as well. The roar of the Zephyr 6 is clear on the sound track so if you like the sounds of hot engines under pressure .. TURN IT UP ! This clip is from a collection of videos that I took over a number of years. I will be including some Super Eight movie footage and much of it includes the First and early Zephyr Car Club runs from the early 1970's. Subscribe to my channel ( cost nothing ) and receive up dates to whenever I upload new clips. Also follow this link to find out about these cars. Cheers ... Dan

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