Video - **Quick Look**2002 Ford Thunderbird Premium--D&M Motorsports

Videa Ford Thunderbird **Quick Look**2002 Ford Thunderbird Premium--D&M Motorsports

**Quick Look**2002 Ford Thunderbird Premium--D&M Motorsports

An exceptional Ford Thunderbird Roadster offered by D&M Motorsports. Presented by Chris Moran, yes, THE Chris Moran of Automotive Media Group. With so many bland copycat machines crowding driveways and freeways alike, it's refreshing to see an automotive giant like Ford prioritize design and heritage as much as it did with the 2002 Thunderbird. It was this iconic American design, along with a smooth ride, V-8 power, high-quality convertible top, and value-packed sticker price, that got it named the Motor Trend 2002 Car of the Year. Winning the Golden Calipers results in automatic inclusion into our One-Year Test program, which gave us a genuine opportunity to log numerous road miles in this Torch Red two-seater. Somewhat unusual for a car entering our long-term fleet, this T-Bird came to us with over 9000 miles already on the odometer. Availability of Ford's new 'Bird was thin, and not wanting to wait months to take delivery of a factory-fresh car, we agreed to accept one that had been around the block a few times. Prior to our delivery, Ford serviced the car and replaced the tires, effectively resetting the odometer to the extent possible. Our Premium-model Thunderbird's base price of $38465 included red leather inserts on the bucket seats and a paint-matching porthole-window hardtop (a $2500 option on deluxe models). Also standard were 17-inch chromed alloy wheels, power folding top, a six-disc in-dash CD changer, and a five-speed automatic transmission. The only option ...

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