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Purpose-Built: Ford Transit Connect

February 6, 2008 at the Chicago Auto Show, the Ford Transit Connect makes its US debut. The Transit Connect is designed to bring American small business owners a new vehicle choice that offers improved fuel economy, bigger load capacity and better cargo accessibility than today's commercial vehicle offerings. For the Chicago show, Ford kitted out Transit Connects highlighting three local businesses -- including a catering and event planning company, a wine wholesaler and home technology integration firm -- as well as a five-member Chicago blues band. This video introduces us to the people who will use the vehicles. The Windy City is a fitting place to debut the versatile Transit Connect. Its maneuverability makes it ideal for urban use, where streets are congested and parking space for delivery or service vehicles is limited. Its tight turning radius makes Transit Connect as nimble as a compact car. And its height makes it ideal for tight parking garages with limited-height clearances -- Transit Connect gets in and out of garages with as little as 6 ft. 8 in. clearance. Purpose-built for small business owners, the Ford Transit Connect is a versatile compact van that offers a fuel-efficient alternative to full-size commercial vans. Transit Connect is another example of how Ford is leveraging its global product lineup. Transit Connect is designed, engineered and manufactured by Ford of Europe. It was named International Van of the Year when launched in 2003. Ford is the ...

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