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Pulse Jet Engine Model T Ford Based Ignition System This is one of our Model T Ford based ignition systems. We can custom make them with any number of types of switches, and even arming keys. All our ignition systems use newly manufactured coils. Why use an ignition system from a car from 100 years ago? Because the model T ford 'buzz coil' ignition coil is a simple, rugged, reliable self contained unit. It was designed to run continuously for long periods of time while being bumped around on rough roads and in bad weather. It produces many sparks a second, which is perfect for starting all kinds of engines, like pulsejets. With the high frequency spark, the pulsejet will ignite quickly and easily. With cheap sparking systems that produce only one or two sparks a second, the spark must be timed with the proper fuel air mixture ratio at just the right time. High frequency sparks on the other hand will ignite the proper fuel air mixture as soon as it contacts the spark. Another thing with pulsejet engines, is that the spark plug gap can be wider than normal engines. The wider the gap the more exposure it will have. The model T coil produces a good hot spark that can ignite liquid fuels like kerosene or diesel fuel, but is still relatively safe. If you get shocked accidentally with it, its painful, but thousands of times safer than transformers. NEVER attempt to use high voltage neon or TV microwave transformers, they can kill you faster than you can blink. Check out our other videos and dont forget ...

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