Video - Pick-Up Truck (Ford F-150) on Fire

Videa Ford TRUCK F - Pick-Up Truck (Ford F-150) on Fire

Pick-Up Truck (Ford F-150) on Fire

My neighbor Dennis's Ford pick-up truck caught on fire when he turned off the ignition. The tires ( 0:55 and 2:14) and fuel exploded (and maybe the battery (1:38), too) and the neighbor's tree almost caught on fire. Dennis, the owner, (and a couple of other neighbors) can be seen pacing in the background--very upset to see his beloved truck go up in flames. He had just returned home from shopping on a hot Saturday morning in August, 2009, in Northern California. The Firemen arrived and quickly put the fire out. After they sprayed it with water, they covered it in a white foam. The truck was a complete loss and left the blacktop burned and bubbly--where the truck once stood. The tree had singed leaves, but did not catch on fire--and it recovered. I filmed this from my front yard--that's me groaning in the background. A relative of another neighbor walks by--he had just moved his camper away from the fire. Dennis loved this truck--and was very sad to lose it.



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