Video - Petaluma Celebrates 35 years of American Graffiti

Videa Ford Coupé Petaluma Celebrates 35 years of American Graffiti

Petaluma Celebrates 35 years of American Graffiti

Enjoy this fun trek that was filmed on Saturday May 17, 2008 during the Petaluma Celebrates 35 years of American Graffiti event. Follow the camera as it travels on a journey through the streets of downtown Petaluma where much of the 1973 classic American Graffiti was filmed. The journey starts out on the corner of Washington & heads West on Petaluma Bl. North past all the classic cars. Then hangs a right on Western Ave. past the stars signing autographs and looks at a few star cars. The camera continues on Western up to the corner at Kentucky St. where people dance to a '50's style band. Then the camera pops back over to Petaluma Bl. North on the vacant lot dressed up as "Jerry's Cherries" Used Car Lot where we see a '61 Ford Galaxie cop car with it's rear axle sitting a few feet behind it. Then it's back over to Kentucky street for a look at a few famous locals and some more cool cars. The Ford pick-up and '51 Mercury were filmed at Petaluma Plaza shopping center on North McDowell Boulevard a day earlier. The emphasis of this video is to highlight these few streets which should be instantly recognizable to fans of the film. For more on the locations and the entire movie be sure to visit my website:

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