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Peak Performer - The Mk3 Ford Cortina

Fords answer to five million questions Joss Ackland When Ford launched the Mark 3 version of its popular Cortina model it unveiled a vehicle which would become a legend. Always a favourite among enthusiasts, the Cortina Mk3s popularity enjoyed a resurgence three decades after its launch thanks to a starring role in the hit BBC drama Life on Mars. Now you can discover the story behind this icon with two rare films from the Ford Motor Companys own archive. These classic colour films chart the development of the Mk3 Cortina, from concept to road, with fascinating access behind-the-scenes as the car comes to life. The first film, 1970s Prototype, reveals how the design of the Mark 3 was dictated by thousands of motorists who were surveyed before work began. We then see how designers and engineers turned the wishes of the people into reality, following the whole process from the drawing board, through model building, component testing and manufacture to the delivery of the prototype Mk3. BAFTA-award nominated actor Joss Ackland narrates as we journey inside the Ford factories in England and Germany, watch the wind tunnel and crash testing, and learn how the earliest Mk3 Cortinas were subjected to the harshest possible conditions in preparation for the launch. The second film, Peak Performer, examines the different version of the Mark 3, including the GXL, GT and L, as well as the different engine configurations motorists could choose from. It details the extraordinary work ...

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