Video - Onboard B-Spec Ford Fiesta - Lisa Chen Racing

Videa Ford Fiesta Onboard B-Spec Ford Fiesta - Lisa Chen Racing

Onboard B-Spec Ford Fiesta - Lisa Chen Racing

Sports Car Club of British Columbia "Volunteer memorial weekend" road race at Mission Raceway Road Course Sept 22 - 23, 2012. My car ran great this weekend! Had a fantastic nose-to-tail battle with another B-Spec competitor from the start to the checkered flag. Congrats to Norm Berard for taking the finish line a couple of car lengths ahead of me! Placed 3rd in class over two days of racing and clocked my best lap times to date in this race car. Many thanks to all the amazing volunteers who work tirelessly at the track and are always smiling. These race weekends wouldn't be possible without them. Also, thanks so very much for all the incredible support from my talented team: Tony Morris Jr., Wayne Johnson, Brody Goble, Marcus Schelhause, Tim Brown of Brown Bros. Ford and everyone from Nixon Prosports. Thanks very much to Michael Denham for producing this video. Also, thank you Brent Martin for taking so many on track pictures all the time and posting them on my f/b.



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