Video - NYPD Ford Crown Victoria by bxbugs123

Videa Ford Crown Victoria NYPD Ford Crown Victoria by bxbugs123

NYPD Ford Crown Victoria by bxbugs123

#### bxbugs123 Modification #### GO TO BXBUGS CHANNEL This new improved Version of bxbugs123's New York Police Department Cruiser has a lot of new features. For example it features new LED Lights made with Dex Tool. Additional its possible to download SAESAndy's Emergency-Light Mod to make the Headlights working. The Car is official released at and can be downloaded there. Video details Used tools - Fraps (~30FPS), Windows Movie Maker, Cleo 3 Police Light Mod by SAESAndy, CamHack DOWNLOAD LINK : Credits : The original Ford Crown Victoria Model was made by Schaefft (GWM). bxbugs123 got permission to change and reskin his models so the credits for the original one goes to schaefft. The Additional Lights, the skin and the new model parts are made by bxbugs (c) ! ~ TAGS ~ bxbugs123 New York Police Cruiser Grand Theft Auto San Andreas GTA San Andreas Mods Police Car Policecar Mods gta modding

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