Video - NWOR SCCA Chrysler Machining Plant #6

Videa Ford Fusion NWOR SCCA Chrysler Machining Plant #6

NWOR SCCA Chrysler Machining Plant #6

2012 August 12 NWOR SCCA Solo Autocross Sorry in advance for the wind noise. I forgot to put the other back on my GoPro. Next event will be recorded inside the car. Class: STX Novice Drive (1st event) Fastest time: 47.034 Indexed time: 38.6619 2010 Ford Fusion Sport Steeda CAI Steeda 93 octane tune Magnaflow exhaust KW Variant 2 Coilovers Progress 24mm rear sway bar 18x8 MSR 045 with Bridgestone RE-11 235/40 www.nworscca | | |

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