Video - Neww!!!! Truck ford f-350 lariat 2011

Videa Ford TRUCK F - Neww!!!! Truck ford f-350 lariat 2011

Neww!!!! Truck ford f-350 lariat 2011

Picked up yesterday looked at dodge and they wer not even close to this truck it gets avg of 18 city and 25 highway mpg highest I've seen is 35 mpg comes stock with 34" tires and had an f-250 with 4" lift and this truck is taller beastly motor spins tires like not even there and the rear locker helps with traction in off camber situations the navigation and back up camera are the best out of anytrucks we've looked at and gas mileage is highest of any and is the quitest diesel I've ever herd never know it's running till look at take and outside it sounds like a gas engine and has alot off torque and horespower to spare great truck

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