Video - NEW 2013 Ford CMax Hybrid 47MPG

Videa Ford C-Max NEW 2013 Ford CMax Hybrid 47MPG

NEW 2013 Ford CMax Hybrid 47MPG

This is the all new 2013 C-Max hybrid for sale in Birmingham Alabama. This vehicle is a hybrid, so it comes with a two-part engine producing 47 MPG while still yielding 188 horsepower! Check it out here: Thisvehicle is available for immediate delivery at Town and Country Ford in Bessemer Alabama. We are located right outside Birmingham Alabama. We also have our newest location that sells New and Used Ford vehicles in Pell City Alabama. Located just outside Anniston Alabama. Give us a call or come by for a test drive. Town & Country Ford 5041 Ford Parkway, Bessemer, AL 35022 (205) 491-000



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