Video - New 2009 Ford F-150: Most Capable Light-Duty Truck Ever

Videa Ford TRUCK F - New 2009 Ford F-150: Most Capable Light-Duty Truck Ever

New 2009 Ford F-150: Most Capable Light-Duty Truck Ever

The vision for Ford's truck team was clear: Redesign America's favorite truck inside and out to give customers unrivaled capability, unprecedented choice and a host of smart, game-changing features. In all, more than 1000 Ford engineers, designer, researchers and others worked together to develop the new 2009 F-150. The team drew inspiration by listening to Ford's large customer base. The result is the new 2009 Ford F-150, the new benchmark in the full-size pickup segment from the industry's truck leader -- which has built more than 33 million F-Series pickups since 1948. The Ford truck team adopted a holistic, 360-degree approach to revamping the new 2009 F-150 -- from its segment-first features to the tough new exterior highlighted by a dramatic three-bar grille and more spacious, flexible and refined interior, to the unparalleled choice of cab styles and trim levels -- including a new Platinum series that redefines truck luxury. The improvements are just as dramatic beneath the sheet metal. A new high-strength, lighter-weight chassis is the backbone that allows this tough truck to deliver more horsepower, better fuel economy and safety, and additional towing and payload capacity. With more customers interested in personalizing their trucks, Ford is offering the largest selection of wheels in the segment with 13 offerings across the F-150 lineup. Under the hood, the new F-150 will be powered by three modern V-8 engines, mated to either a 4-speed or a new fuel-efficient ...




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