Video - Need For Speed High Stakes Expansion Pack + Mods Ver.2

Videa Ford Indigo Need For Speed High Stakes Expansion Pack + Mods Ver.2

Need For Speed High Stakes Expansion Pack + Mods Ver.2

NEWEST Expansion Pack Version here: I've decided to make this video out of boredom as well as my love for this game. It's from 1999 and it seems much better than the Underground series crap. The tracks are made by the various modders who collaborated through the years to make the NFS Expansion Pack which not only allows you to race in classic NFS2 and 1 tracks but also (or even first and foremost) run the game on Vista. The cars I used have been downloaded from various NFS sites, such as and nfs streetdogs and feature the works of NJ(XJ220), Martin Leps, Myatsoe, Snake Cobra, Yuriy Antipin, F-Body Faction modellers, etc. None of the ones you see on screen are stock Nfs4 ones. Some of them have been slightly modded by me (added upgrades and other stuff) but have not been released and probably never will. I've been trying to recreate the car list from the NFS2,3 and 4 games and almost managed to do so. I'm still missing a few though. However there are some new cars which I simply found cool. My current car list features: Class AAA -Bugatti EB Veyron 16/4 Concept (NFS: PS) -Ferrari Enzo (NFS: PS) -Ford GT 90 (from NFS2 SE car list) -Isdera Commendatore 112i (from NFS2 SE car list) -Jaguar XJR-15 (from NFS3 car list) -McLaren F1 GTR (NFS 4) -Mercedes CLK GTR (NFS 3 & 4) -Lotus GT1 (from NFS2 SE car list) -Pagani Zonda C1 (from NFS:PS car list, I think) -Porsche GT1 (from NFS5 car list) -Porsche Carrera GT (from NFS MW car list) Class AA -BMW M5 ...

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