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Videa Ford Taurus My 1991 Ford Taurus SHO (Please Rate)

My 1991 Ford Taurus SHO (Please Rate)

This is my 1991 Ford Taurus SHO. It has had only one owner, and was bought brand new in Denver Co. It has had everything maintenance wise done to it including 60k, water pump replacement, ford platinum plugs, etc... The car is rare in its own way by being made in late July of 1991. The thing that really makes it rare is that it came completely stock with a SHO + power bulge fiberglass hood, the new rod shift system, and the weirdest of all 2nd gen carpeting. (You can see the plastic floor mat clip in the vid to show that it's in fact 2nd gen carpeting.) The upgrades that have been put on it over the years: Air baffle removal,(makes the engine really loud and brings out that deep 4000 rpm roar.)K&N Air filter, Police grill, was bought brand new form Ford motor company unpainted for $20 in 1993! Try finding one for that now. I have a single cat back exhaust system with a magnaflow cat, with dyno max mufflers on it, and a larger diameter exhaust piping. I have a racing chip installed in the computer, and had the chip programed to work with a MAF off of a 91 Lincoln Continental. (This upgrade really got the car going.) I also have a SHO-Shop Vadim clutch in it, and KYB high performance suspension system. Thanks for watching!




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