Video - @Motor Expo 2008 - Ford Ranger Max

Videa Ford Ranger @Motor Expo 2008 - Ford Ranger Max

@Motor Expo 2008 - Ford Ranger Max

Unlike 4-Trac concept, Ford called this a Show Truck, not Concept. But it's surely a guiding light to the new minor-redesigned Ranger pickups (by 2552/2009). The design of this truck was done by Paul Gibson (Australian chief of design team) and several designers from Southeast Asia and South Africa. To create a totally new truck concept that won't follow any other. Ford Ranger is already a real original rear access system for nearly 7 years in Thailand now. It's important thing event with large change is: 100% Tough Ford Truck, to match all the reality nowadays in our pickup truck world. However this still based on J97U pickup.

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