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MOSTERT AND WALSH TAKE 16th PLACE IN BATHURST 12 HOUR MILES Racing's Chaz Mostert and Ash Walsh have overcome a day of mechanical dramas to finish the 2011 Bathurst 12 Hour enduro in 16th place. After starting the race from 22nd place on the grid, the Queensland duo comfortably led their class (Production E) until a faulty crank angle sensor forced their simPRO Astra VXR to the pits for repairs. Entering pit lane in 15th position, the unscheduled stop was costly, with 13 laps passing before the team could get the boys back on the track and back into the race. "With a 12 hour endurance race you're either going to have a great day or a really bad day, unfortunately for us the scales tipped toward the bad day," Chaz Mostert said. "Overall it was a great experience though because it's not every day you get to pump out 80 odd laps at Mount Panorama ... that sort of seat time around here is so valuable and will be a real benefit when we come back here in the simPRO V8 Supercar later in the year," he added. With the simPRO Astra VXR nearly four-seconds faster than anyone else in their class, Mostert and Walsh -- with the help of their third driver Gerard McLeod -- once again set about chasing down their competitors with great resolve. "As Chaz said, a 12 hour race is always going to throw up all sorts of problems you aren't always prepared for," Ash Walsh said. "I had a ball out there today though -- I just did my job and put in some consistent laps and tried to keep out of the ...

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