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Videa Ford T Monster Miata of South Texas

Monster Miata of South Texas

Monster Miata 2nd place winner in the Mini Car division of the 2nd Annual International Car Fest of 2012 in Mc Allen Texas. I installed a 289 from a 1965 Ford Mustang with out buying a kit, I cut and fabricated my own brackets and I did not have to cut the fire wall, engine oil pan and I was able to use original 1990 Mustang Headers ( I modify the passenger side) THIS CAR IS FAST--Ford T-5/ 8.8 posi-trac/ 3.73 Gears and many other Goodies...I am Currently working on trying to replicate a HI PO 289 and will be installing the new engine in the coming weeks and cleaning up the engine bay... More Pictures coming soon.

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