Video - Moments of Love "1958 Ford Thunderbird in Country Driving"

Videa Ford Thunderbird Moments of Love "1958 Ford Thunderbird in Country Driving"

Moments of Love "1958 Ford Thunderbird in Country Driving"

Scenes from Moments of Love, where Marco (Dingdong Dantes) is taking pictures of the scenery, then he stumble upon an old antique car with a car cover tarp, in the driveway of the house that Marco and his friends are staying. So Marco remove the car cover trap and the old car was a red and white 1958 Ford Thunderbird, then he open the door and went inside the car and Marco touch the passenger seat, triggering a past scene in 1958 in the country area in the Philippines, where a lady named Divina (Iza Calzado) with her friend and Juancho (Palo Contis) is driving the 1958 Ford Thunderbird, while Juancho is talking to Divina about her father Ford Thunderbird powerful engine, and talking to her about her future children and marriage, and Divina talking Juancho about her career in Fine Arts, but he said it was a utterly useless and suddenly Juancho almost hit a person with a cane walking bt saying Hey! Are you a road-killer? My mom will teach you a lesson if I tell, then Juancho, Divina and friend got out of the car and then Juancho make a confrontation fight, while Divina talked to Juancho saying Stop it, Do not see, he is handicap?. Then Juancho got mad and kicked the handicap person, so Juancho went inside the car, meanwhile Divina and friend tired to helped the handicap person up, but Juancho ordered Divina and friend to leave the handicap person and to get inside the car, So Divina ask herself to open her eyes and she notice that she might end up marrying a violent man ...

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