Video - Mark's Classic Cruise - Shelby Mustang & Cobra Night

Videa Ford Shelby Mark's Classic Cruise - Shelby Mustang & Cobra Night

Mark's Classic Cruise - Shelby Mustang & Cobra Night

For those of you who are from the central Connecticut and surrounding area are probably familiar with Mark's Classic Cruise Night. If you're not it's one of the largest weekly classic car cruise nights. Attendance can get up to 800+ cars and this particular day was no exception. A wide array of cars came out including a strong showing of Mustangs and Cobras. Afterall, it was Mustang and Cobra night so the Ford fans definitely received their fix. There were a few other unique rides at the cruise including a nasty supercharged Dodge Viper and other unique rides you don't usually see on a daily basis. The fine folks here at The Car Life always show appreciation for the classics. Marks Classic Cruise: The Car Life on Facebook: The Car Life on Twitter: Watch in full 1080P for best video and sound quality.

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