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Mahindra Scorpio LX 4WD Video Review by reviews the Scorpio 4x4. If you have car questions you would like answers for, click the link to visit our site and get answers from our community of car owners and experts! The Scorpio LX 4WD is powered by Mahindra's 2.2 litre common-rail diesel engine that puts out 120 bhp of power and 297 Nm of torque. It comes with a five-speed manual transmission. The gearshifts are rather long, but precise. The clutch is hydraulically powered, but still is quite hard compared to most sedans and hatchbacks. The interiors of the LX 4×4 are rather bare. It comes with a grey and black interior. The 4×4 variant comes as a seven-seater variant with two jump seats in the boot. The door pads are not molded, but of the hardboard variety, unlike the higher variants. Read the detailed review at http In terms of comfort, the LX 4×4 offers just about adequate features. It has a powerful AC with rear AC vents, tilt-adjustable power steering, manual central locking and internally adjustable mirrors. The new LX 4×4 variant will suit those looking for a reliable four-wheel drive vehicle, with just the basic creature comforts. Do post your comments below, or visit us on to ask your car questions to our community of car owners and experts.

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