Video - LEDGlow Underbody Kit green ford escort zx2 my 1st video part 1

Videa Ford Escort LEDGlow Underbody Kit green ford escort zx2 my 1st video part 1

LEDGlow Underbody Kit green ford escort zx2 my 1st video part 1

please comment if u think i did a good job new video coming soon LEDGlow's 4 Piece Green Wireless LED Underbody Kit will illuminate your vehicle's underbody for a custom head turning look. Featuring a variety of different lighting effects that include sound activation modes this LED underbody kit will certainly set you apart from the crowd Underbody Kit Includes: -Two 48 Inch and Two 36 Inch High Impact, Water Resistant Acrylic Tubes -126 Ultra-Bright, Wide Angle Green LEDs with 270 Degrees of Lighting. -Easy to Use Control Box -4 Button Wireless Remote -Solid Illumination Mode and 12 Unique Lighting Effects -5 Sound Activation Modes -Underbody Distributor Cable -Rear Underbody Tube Includes 18 feet of Power Wire for Easier Installation -Music Sensor Lighting Modes and Control Box: The included control box features a solid illumination mode, 12 unique lighting effects, different speed modes for each lighting effect, as well as 5 sound activation modes. The integrated lighting modes are easily operated with the included 4 button wireless remote or by using the corresponding buttons located directly on the control box. The control box will also remember the last mode the underbody kit was set to prior to your vehicle being powered off. LEDGlow's music sensor easily plugs into the side of the control box and will allow the underbody kit to flash to the beat of the music playing inside of your vehicle. The control box also features an interior add-on port located on the ...

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