Video - James Blond - 10 Seat Mini Van

Videa Ford Econovan James Blond - 10 Seat Mini Van

James Blond - 10 Seat Mini Van

* If you need to move 10 people in comfort or just want more space then this is the range for you. * The fleet comprises 2001/2003 Ford Econovan Hyundai H100 * All vehicles in this range are manual and Diesel * As part of our Bio Diesel programme these vehicles can be refilled on site saving you time and helping save the environment. * Although these vehicles run on Bio blend diesel they can be refilled anywhere in the country on standard diesel * All rentals in this category come with unlimited mileage * These vehicles are designed to carry mainly people and luggage capacity is short so if you need to carry a large amount of luggage then you would need a 12 seat from our range. * Minimum booking period of 4 days applies during peak Christmas season (15th December to 10th January)

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