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Videa Ford Transit Installation of Ford Transit Connect Truck Graphics from

Installation of Ford Transit Connect Truck Graphics from, Short video on the installation of vehicle graphics for on a Ford Transit Connect Van. Vehicle graphics designed by Bruce Jones Design of Norwood, MA, printing and installation of truck graphics by DGI-invisuals of Burlington, MA. Material used on this project is 3M Scotchprint Vinyl. This project used decals, cut vinyl, and wraps to cover the truck. Vehicle graphics and wraps are one of the most economical ways to market your company. Your vehicles are like moving billboards as they drive around the community delivering your message, but unlike a billboard the graphics last for years and years. For additional information on vehicle and truck graphic projects Bruce Jones Design Inc. 781-255-7171 DGI-invisuals Inc. 800-344-0432 http Environmental Health Services Inc. 888-673-4103 Video shot and edited by Bruce Jones Design

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