Video - HPI Racing presents: The Ken Block Edition WR8 Flux!

Videa Ford Fiesta HPI Racing presents: The Ken Block Edition WR8 Flux!

HPI Racing presents: The Ken Block Edition WR8 Flux!

HPI is proud to introduce the action-packed partnership with famed international super star, Ken Block, and his Gymkhana Five edition Ford Fiesta H.F.H.V.. To kick off this partnership, HPI is releasing an exact scale replica of Ken Block's 650hp Gymkhana Five Ford Fiesta H.F.H.V. which was recently unleashed on the quiet streets of San Francisco in the latest edition of the widely popular Gymkhana video series. The 4WD1/8th scale RC platform for this asphalt shredding monster is HPI's recently launched WR8 Flux with brushless motor technology, capable of reaching speeds of up to 60 mph! The Ready To Run kit features a highly detailed scale replica Ken Block Gymkhana Five Ford Fiesta H.F.H.V. body, replica tarmac Gymkhana tires and replica fifteen52 Tarmac wheels.

The HPI WR8 Flux is powered by a 4000Kv HPI Flux Vektor motor, 2S/3S LiPo capable HPI Flux VAPOR Pro electronic speed control, full time 4WD shaft drive technology and sealed super tough adjustable gear differentials. It's ready to fly over jumps and blast down the road just like Ken Block's full sized Ford Fiesta H.F.H.V. from Gymkhana Five.

More info here!

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