Video - Hot Wheels finds , Camaro , Monte Carlo , Carbonator TH

Videa Ford Shelby Hot Wheels finds , Camaro , Monte Carlo , Carbonator TH

Hot Wheels finds , Camaro , Monte Carlo , Carbonator TH

These are my latest finds , all on european short cards from a mix with some 2012 releases and the A mix from 2013. Castings found : 81 Camaro 70 Monte Carlo Paradigm Shift Retro-Active Carbonator - treasure hunt 07 Ford Shelby GT-500 *On the 6th of december we celebrate Saint Nicholas , which is the protector of choldrens and every year on this date he brings gifts to the good kids and a rod to the bad kids. What kids have to do is to clean theyr shoes , make them shiny and put them on one side of theyr bed and the Saint comes at night and leaves something in theyr shoes.* **For the first time i went in the stores to look for Hot Wheels there also was another collector looking thru them. I reached the pegs and i saw him going thru them. At first i thought its someone looking for a gift for a kid , but while i stood there waiting and waiting i saw he never leaves and he looks very carefully at every casting , just how a collector does. After a while i started talking to him and he admit it he is a collector and he was looking for some specific castings. So i gues its a first time for everything when the right time comes.** Thanks for watching and hope you enjoyed the cars.



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